Fly the USS Firebird to visit planets and fight off raiders in search of relics to save planet Earth.

A TWAiN PAiN Games production.

Captain's log, stardate 30321.1

The USS Firebird has arrived at DS709, deep in the Gamma Quadrant. In this remote sector of the galaxy we hope to find the relics that can save our planet Earth from a mysterious disease that has already took millions of lives.

Star Fleet has gathered a crew of elite captains that lead away teams in search of the relics. But the sectors are filled with raiders so it will be a dangerous voyage.

We need you to guide us. You are our last hope.


Use a joystick in port 2 to control the USS Firebird. Hold the joystick in a direction and press FIRE to fly there. Repair any damage at stations.

When fighting raiders hold LEFT and press FIRE to flee. Hold RIGHT and press FIRE to launch a torpedo. Just pressing FIRE will take evasive actions. This will lower the chance to get hit temporarily.

Make you way to each planet and beam down an away team. Control the entire team with the joystick and lead the captain into the temple. Avoid the sentinel lasers. Make sure the captain and at least one team member stay alive to gain a relic.

Make it back to DS709 with all 3 relics to win the game.


Written by Alexander "paaco" Paalvast for the C64 Cassette 50 Charity Competition. It loads and runs completely below $1000.


Find the ACME assembler source code  at:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCommodore 64, Retro

Install instructions

Download the zip file and open the containing d64 image. Load "*",8:run will load and run the game. There are two other versions included: the compo version that loads automatically by overwriting the stack and one with the PET font.


Download 7 kB

Development log


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Super Star Trek game!!!!

Thank you! I had great fun making it.

Be great to see a PET version of this as well.

The source will become available in April... the Commodore PET works slightly different from C64 so that would require some rewriting though. So maybe.

Im up for that challenge ;)

Looking forward ;-) Extra points for running it on real hardware...